About Ravenscroft Pianos

We specialize in custom piano design and building and produce the most exquisite performance pianos available. Each piano is handcrafted with only the very finest materials from around the world. The result is an unusually unique instrument with an enormous full bass, clear lush tenor, and exquisite singing treble. Picture yourself sitting at the keyboard of a piano that you personalized to your very own discriminating tastes. Would you want a piano that delivers richness and purity of tone, broad dynamic range, power, and lyric duration? Whatever your preference is, we offer the means to take you from imagination to realization.

The 1000+ hours of obsessive attention to detail your piano receives is nearly four times that of a factory built instrument. Meticulously assembled and regulated actions are responsive and controllable, allowing precise dynamic control and spontaneous repetition. Alluring, flowing lines outline the German Handcrafted cabinetry.

To enjoy a truly memorable experience and to appreciate the unique adventure of playing a Ravenscroft Piano, I cordially invite you to schedule an appointment to visit our exclusive studio and showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With Warm Regards,

Michael C. Spreeman
Owner, Klavierbauer, Registered Piano Technician