Features of the Ravenscroft Model 220

Truly Handcrafted

When you select a Ravenscroft Piano, you also receive a piece of our lives. We specialize in custom piano design and building. Our core focus is to work directly with you to conceive, design, and build the piano of your dreams. Gathering together the world’s finest materials, we lovingly and meticulously create the personalized tone, action response, and visual aesthetics of your dream piano here at our studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Ravenscroft Look

Selection of Veneers

Since a piano typically becomes the focal point of any room, it must be aesthetically pleasing and exist in harmony with its surroundings. This is ensured by balanced designs and a wide variety of finishes, materials, and exceptional craftsmanship in the assembly process.

Custom Intarsia

You can choose from an entire range of fine native woods, classic or unique finishes and you can also make statements with precious metals or fine wooden inlay.

Hydraulic Fallboard

Our Hydraulic Damper Assisted Fallboard closing system protects hands, fingers and the pianos finish from the harm that a jarring closure may cause. The system incorporates a hydraulic damping tube which regulates the speed at which the fallboard can travel when closed. Our system is securely attached to the inner case of the piano to provide a lifetime of reliability.

Multi-position Desk

The Ravenscroft music desk utilizes a patented adjustment system that allows the pianist to easily change the position with one hand. There are four locking angles which allow the desk to be positioned for various applications. The music desk supports feature all metal construction and the locking adjustment system is beautifully inlaid into the desk for a sleek contemporary appearance.

The Ravenscroft Sound

Fiemme Spruce

We incorporate an exclusively unique design in our soundboards. The thickness of the beginning panel, the number and dimensions of the ribs, the radius of the crowning press, and the radiusing of the ribs all work together to produce a specific sound profile. Soundboard wood from the same forest chosen by Mr. A. Stradivari is also available for your Ravenscroft piano. Instruments created with this precious wood are identified by a certification number from E. Ciresa Srl Company of Italy.

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The bridge design consists of a laminated body with a solid wood cap. The bridge body laminations are maple, mahogany, and ebony. The bridge body is then capped with maple, hornbeam, boxwood, or ebony, depending on the location of the cap in the scale. All of the drilling, notching, and pinning is done by hand.

Rim & Bracing

The inner rim and bracing of a grand piano are critical contributors to the longevity of the instrument. Our rims are constructed with the strongest multi-laminate procedure available. The massive bracing features multi-layer-gluing and inlaid beech beams to assure a lifetime of structural stability.

Titanium String Terminations

Titanium string terminations offer low impedance and help to create a clean pure sound. Titanium is a strong metal with low density that is quite ductile, corrosion resistant and when polished to a lustrous finish, it exhibits a very low drag coefficient.

Sand Cast Plates

Only the highest grade gray iron combined with the best workmanship can accomplish create our cast iron frames or “"plates". The cast iron plate must withstand over 20 tons of string tension without any distortion and sand cast plates are the least prone to vibrating, thereby preventing unwelcome interference and sympathetic frequencies.

The Ravenscroft Feel

CAD Optimized Action

Every Ravenscroft action is individually CAD optimized for unsurpassed performance. Additionally, we have developed a method to control and smooth the inertia of the action, not just as a whole, but from note to note. Though time intensive, this meticulous attention to detail allows the pianist to focus on expression and tone instead of having to overcome inconsistencies of the action.

Renner Parts

We have chosen Renner action parts because of their continued commitment to quality, reliability, precision, and durability and their willingness to craft parts and hammers to our individual specifications. The Ravenscroft hammer is also crafted by Renner from the finest Weikert or Wurzen felt in the world. Our hammers do not contain any chemicals, lacquers, or other artificial hardeners or reinforcing agents

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Kluge Keyframe and Keys

Kluge keys and keyframes are the foundation for our actions. Kluge uses only the highest grade of tight grained white spruce in the keysticks to insure dimensional stability and reduce key flexing to a minimum. The keyframes incorporate a combination of red beech and white spruce to provide structural integrity and stability.

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Ebony Capped Sharps

Ebony wood is known for its soft and elegant feel because of the oils contained in the wood. Over time the texture of the wood can become soft like silk, but by no means is it fragile. The hard and dense wood is notorious for its ability to dull cutting tools quickly. This ensures a lifetime of playing to the contact point of the wood sharps.

Tharan Keytops

The Kluge company has successfully developed a material that is not slippery or cold in touch like conventional plastic materials. Tharan® is a polymer bonded material with a high specific gravity. It is possesses a rich optical finish that results in a matte finish. We find it to be a perfect match to our ebony sharps, leaving no tactile distractions and freeing the performer to express their music.