Flawless Elegance...Unparalleled Performance...Exclusively Ravenscroft...

"Ravenscroft Model 275 becomes offical piano of Tempe Center for the Arts."

"The 220 is clearly the finest instrument I have ever played, or may ever play."- Vincent L. Maggio

"I can't tell whether the piano is caressing me or I'm caressing the piano."- Dr. Carl Schwartz

"This instrument demands to be played by the best pianists in the world on the best concert stages."- Chuck Marohnic

"In my opinion, the Ravenscroft can truly be called one of the world's finest pianos."- Steve Brady

"The action is the first thing I noticed because it responds so perfectly to every input and places no limits on control or expression."- Mark Purney

"They are as beautiful to look at as they are to play."- Cathy Harl

"The tone was incredible, and it was my pick for best of show."- Bob Marlet

"No doubt in my mind that the bar has been raised for performance pianos."- Ed Whitting

"I came there to "test and demonstrate" your instrument, and was a bit unnerved as it began to play me instead."- Vincent L. Maggio

"I especially enjoyed the clarity and depth of the bass register, and the absolutely even, wonderfully responsive action."- Steve Brady

"The quality of tone is second to none."- Andy Margolis

"I would have no hesitation recommending this instrument to concert artists with whom I work..."- Warren Cohen